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Rock The World 2016

Posted on Friday, April 15th 2016 - 03:50 pm

Swamp To Sahara opened the night with some hefty metal ditties.

A quiet Thursday night in the middle of Kings Cross was the setting for another rebirth of The Right Words as we made our debut as a new line-up with Aaran Hayden on the drums. We made the most of a band competition put on by Burgess Bookings and Red Letter Day Entertainment and while there were plenty of discussion points we could take from the organisation of the event our focus was purely on blooding the new line-up and officially welcoming Aaran into the band.

The last few months have been steady going for us. Six new tracks are now on the precipice of recording quality and we'll have some big news on that front soon but being back in a rhythm and routine of rehearsing, brainstorming and, now, gigging has been a huge blessing for us and for our productivity.

Thursday night was the culmination of a lot of hard work over the last six months since we said goodbye to our last drummer and we're about to enter a really exciting phase of the band's life where we'll begin to announce a more regular gig schedule as well as having a whole bunch of brand new tracks for you to gawk at.

Despite only having 15 minutes to throw ourselves out there in the cramped first floor of World Bar, it was a blast. The new songs feel even better on stage than they do in the rehearsal studio and the energy that Aaran brings to the band is incredibly contagious. As is the case with many gigs, we also met a bunch of really good dudes and ladies from the other bands on the night including The Dirty Reeds, Dizzies, Sour Dragon and Swamp To Sahara - all of whom you can find on Facebook, and should!

While we've never really been gone, it's great to be back in the public eye and we want you all to know that there's a lot more coming your way!